Dora García

35mm transferred on video, b&w, sound, English spoken, 12min, 2007.

A 35 mm black and white film shot in subjective camera mode. The object filmed is a singular building, the interior of Hôtel Wolfers, Brussels, by architect Henry Van de Velde. A voice over describes matter of factly a silent, black and white film. The same one we are seeing? Could be, but not: the voice over is basically a reflection on "Film" by Beckett, almost a transcription.

Director's statement
The mythic "Film" by Samuel Beckett, featuring Buster Keaton in his last role, is a film made to end all films, to very pertinently point out the monstrosity of the equation public-camera-character. But most probably Beckett was not aware of how loaded the sign "subjective camera" already was and how much more loaded would soon be, with the arrival of the 70's horror movies. I have tried to pay homage to all these fascinating parallelisms, by voicing-over Beckett's "Film" and shooting a home movie in 35 mm black and white.

A film by Dora García
Voice: David McCusker
Camera: Sebastien Koeppel
Editing: Inneke Van Waeyenberghe
Sound editing: Chris Deramaix
Sound recording: Sonicamusic, London
Post Production: Stempel
Filmstock: Fuji FG 35mm
B&W Negative Process Lab: Color by Dejonghe
Telecine Operator: Dirk Dejonghe

Produced by Hermès
Filmed at Hôtel Wolfers Brussels
Thanks to the kind permission of Mr. Herman J.Daled
The artworks appearing on the film are: "Yellow balloon and green net", by Lionel Esteve 2004, "Sans Titre", by Joep Van Lieshout 1990. Collection Herman J. Daled.

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