Eleni Kamma

HD video, color, stereo sound, 16:9, Italian spoken, English Subtitles, NL, 25 minutes, 2012.

Concept & Realisation: Eleni Kamma
Camera: Eleni Kamma & Stijn Verhoeff
Editing: Inneke Van Waeyenberghe & Fairuz

Tuscan Contrasto in Ottava Rima Verbal Duel performed by Emilio Meliano and Realdo Tonti

19th century Tuscan Agricultural Dialogues read, performed and commented by
Lavinia Parisi and Marco Rustioni

Experts from:
Economy of time, Lapo de Ricci
Concerning the ambition of clothing, Lapo de Ricci
Giornale Agrario Tuscano, editor Giova Pietro
Vieusseux 1827, Florence.
On gems and other precious ornaments, F.Orlandini in
Giornale Agrario Tuscano, No 33, Gabinetto Vieussieux, 1835, Florence

Tuscan contrasto verbal duel and actors dialogues: Brenda Porster
Economy of Time,On gems and other precious ornaments: Emiliano Battista
Produced with the support of the FONDS BKVB

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