The Joycean Society

Dora García

Video, color, 16:9, English spoken 53', BE 2013.

A group of people have been reading a book together for thirty years.
They have been reading it again and again, with each journey from the first to the last page taking eleven years. Once they reach the last word, a very enigmatic "the," they begin again with the first word, "riverrun." The text appears inexhaustible, its interpretation endless, the inconclusive nature of the reading exciting. The world seems to cease existing outside this reading room or, perhaps, it exists because of it.

The Joycean Society received a special mention at Transcinema (PE).

The book accompanying the project includes texts and interviews by Emiliano Battista, Anna Daneri, Eva Fabbris, and Abdellah Karroum. Edited by Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco in complicity with Dora García.

Camera Arturo Solis
Editing: Dora Garcia & Inneke Van Waeyenberghe
Editing assistant: Thomas Depas
Music: Jan Mech
With Fritz Senn, Sabrina Alonso, Ron Ewart, Tad Lauer, Hansruedi Isler M.D., Mary Moore, Seamus Hughes, Janos Biro, Walter Albrecht, Andrea Matha, Marc Emmenegger, Gabi Schneider, Sylvia Herzig, Andreas Flückiger, Dora García, Jan Mech & Geert Lernout
Sound recording & editing: Laszlo Umbreit
Sound mixing: Christophe Deramaix
Color grading: Fairuz
Commissioned by Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco, XLVème Prix International d’Art Contemporain
Produced by Auguste Orts

With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Atelier Graphoui, LUCA Sint-Lukas Brussel & Argos, Centre for Art & Media

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