Welcome Home

Ulf Aminde
Video installation, dvcam, colour, sound, Dutch spoken, 30min loop, 2006.

Just imagine: you're shopping in IKEA and suddenly you're asked to take part in a film. This is what happened to more than a hundred customers a little while ago in the IKEA store in Wilrijk, Belgium. That was where the Berlin artist, Ulf Aminde, was on location for two weeks filming 'Welcome Home'. In the readymade decors - the student's room, the rustic living room, the designer interior - the customers could improvise at will in specified situations. There was a great sense of willingness among the would-be actors. We see people asleep, cooking, sitting down… 'Welcome Home' is a compilation of fun scenes based around artificiality versus authenticity, man versus the market. IKEA functions as a clearly recognizable setting for these scenes and conjures up all sorts of associations and reflections. However, Aminde doesn't make any explicit statements on consumerism and globalization. He finds it more important to simply let the people play and allow us to watch.

Concept & realisation: Ulf Aminde
Camera: Ruben Impens, Charel Fabry
Sound: Pete Connelly, Jan Van Hende, Bas de Caluwé
Editing: Inneke Van Waeyenberhe

Production: wpZimmer, Filter vzw
Coproduction: deSingel
With the support of: de Stad Antwerpen, Goethe Instituut Brussel

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